Corporate Mirrors

About Us

About Us

Straight out of Hyderabad’s vibrant lanes, meet the “Corporate Mirrors” crew! We’re a bunch of enthusiastic folks, dabbling in marketing, advertising, branding, and a sprinkle of tech. Our mission? To shine a spotlight on your brand’s true colors and sing its unique tune. With us, your story isn’t just told; it’s celebrated.

About Us

Digital Solutions

The digital world is a big playground, and we’re here to make sure you’re the coolest kid around. Need a website touch-up or a catchy online campaign? We’re on it!

About Us

Creative Design

Good design speaks to the eyes; great design speaks to the heart. We add a pinch of magic and a whole lot of love to ensure your brand doesn’t just look pretty but feels special.
About Us

Digital Marketing

The internet’s a bustling bazaar, and we’re your personal guides! Our digital champs make sure your brand doesn’t just blend in but stands tall and proud for all to see.

Our Team Members

Harish Gadde

Technology Strategist

Karthik Kotamraju

Head Catalyst

Parnapalli Manoj

Jr. Designer

Ram Gottimukkala

Head of Design Excellence

Reshmi Bhattacharjee

Ecosystem Creator

Ruby Mahanta

Mentor Capitalist