Corporate Mirrors

we act as a conduit in the discovery of potential market leaders and are doing our part in upskilling Indian youth. We polish and cultivate obscure talents and bring out the best in them. We act as a friend, philosopher and guide in their professional journey.

Web Development

A website is the first impression you make on your prospective clients and must depict the essence of your brand through every aspect of it. With our expertise in graphic designing, storytelling and search algorithms, we ensure that your brand gets a creative edge over your competitors and provide seamless experience to your users.​

Web and Mobile Applications

Our web and mobile applications address a wide range of business needs. We create highly intuitive, dynamic, easy, reliable, end to end solutions that will be comfortable to use for both tech-savvy and novice users.

Social Media Application

We design and build apps and bots that bring you more visibility and enable you to create and maintain relationships with your consumers.

Social Listening

A brand’s online reputation is the aggregation of all the information about it present online. This also includes what your consumers are talking about your brand, their feedback and suggestions. Social listening is a continuous process and gives you a peek into your consumer’s world. We, at CorporateMirrors, understand the importance of this and take up this responsibility so that you can reap all the benefits without having to put in the effort.

Content Analytics

Content Analytics gives you an insight into how your content/ brand is performing in terms of awareness, reach and advocacy. Tracking and benchmarking the performance of your content is a crucial step towards improving your brand recall and reach.

Social Media and Web Analytics

Digital Analytics is one of most effective way of understanding your consumers and augmenting your marketing efforts. While social media analytics help you track, understand and improve your engagement on social media, web analytics helps you track, measure, analyse and manipulate your web traffic.