Corporate Mirrors

Coaching and Upskilling

we act as a conduit in the discovery of potential market leaders and are doing our

part in upskilling Indian youth. We polish and cultivate obscure talents and

bring out the best in them. We act as a friend, philosopher and guide in their

professional journey.

Coaching and Upskilling


We believe that true potential lies between what is and what could be. We induct students and equip them with the knowledge to make their own journey from ‘what is’ to ‘what could be’. Our inducted trainees get exposed to rigorous hands-on training and learn on the job. We ensure that our trainees get to work on real life projects and are ready to hit the ground running once their training is complete. This influx of new talent to the CorporateMirrors pool helps us keep current and always bring something new to the table for our clients.


We understand the skills gap that exists in the Indian employment market. Our team is committed to upskilling and we conduct and participate in workshops all over India. We work with students and experienced professionals alike. Through these workshops, we equip you with skills that will help you navigate the ever-changing world of business intelligence, strategy, and communication. Our workshops range from human-centric design to data-driven strategy creation to digital marketing

Coaching and Upskilling